Inverness on upswing: Voice of the people

Re: Karen Foster’s July 12 online opinion piece regarding the investment in tourism infrastructure in Inverness County. With the utmost respect for an accomplished academic, I find it strange that someone in her position would not have given recognition to what has been achieved at Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs.

Before the investment to build Cabot was made, the unemployment rate in Inverness was close to 25 per cent. The community was physically, mentally and emotionally spent.

Cabot’s success can be seen in the attitude of the people in the community. There is a sense of pride that has taken over the western side of Cape Breton. It is not just Cabot that is thriving — local entrepreneurs have reinvested millions of dollars in their local businesses and created employment opportunities.

Check out the expansion of the Red Shoe in Mabou or the new world-class Route 19 Brewery. These and other local businesses have felt the positive spinoff Cabot has brought.

If we are to continue to grow and succeed as an Island, I’d suggest supporting the people who’ve brought forward this initial success to rural Inverness and pay less attention to urban academics.

Mitchell MacDonald, Glace Bay

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