From the Community


“It is not often Cape Breton has access to $18 million in new government infrastructure funding that could make a significant difference in our island's economic future. Let's embrace another airport in Inverness and move forward with this great opportunity to further showcase our island to the global tourism marketplace.”

- Adrian White, Retired CEO, Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce

“As a local business owner I worked away from my family. Cabot opened windows for a lot of people across the county. There are major spinoffs from Cabot. Lets get a new airport happening.”

- Cary MacLean, Inverness, NS

“The area needs a new airport”

- Brad MacDonald

“Cape Breton is being rejuvenated by having the opportunity to show off it's best resource "natural beauty". I've been involved with the hospitality and construction industry for most of my working years, all of which have been in Cape Breton. It has been amazing to share our communities, our versatile cultures, and our hospitality to the world. Economic growth solves so many other issues, pros outweigh the cons. "We are an island, a rock in a stream, We are a people as proud as there's been" Bring on the new airport, bring on more opportunities, BRING IT.”

- Ben Dorey, Inverness, NS

“A rising tide lifts all boats. As someone deeply invested in the hospitality industry in Cape Breton, I am thrilled by the possibilities of this proposal. I see it as a launching pad for even more growth in the sector.”

- Lauchie MacLean, Glenora Distilleries


“Go for it. Suggest it gets named for Alexander Graham Bell!”

- Allen Munroe

“As aviation enthusiasts and owners of a new helicopter company based in Sydney, we see this proposal as an incredible opportunity for the entire Island. The emphasis must be centered on increasing air traffic and opportunities in Cape Breton. We justified launching our company due to the overall increase in tourism activity in the region. The positive economic multiplier effect from this airport would be witnessed in secondary and tertiary markets, both new and old across the Island - Breton Air included.”

- Parker Horton and Matt Wallace, Breton Air

“If you want to know more or celebrate Gaelic culture, Mabou is the place to be. If you and your family want to go for a swim in the warmest waters in Eastern Canada, one of the many beaches in Port Hood is the place to be. If you feel like taking a swing on the green, Cabot Cliffs or Cabot Links is the place to be. After all this, the world-famous Cabot Trail awaits. The trail is considered one of the WORLD's most scenic destinations. Music culture is endless in Inverness County, and it continues to shape our coastline. Celtic Colours is another smash hit, drawing thousands every year to Inverness County and Cape Breton Island. I believe that infrastructure investment in Inverness County will attract more people and investment. I grew up in Mabou, but moved away many years ago. I am one of many visiting friends and family who return to the area every year to enjoy all the things mentioned above. I support infrastructure investment in Inverness County. The people in the area have proven they can deliver exceptional products and service.”

- Leslie Campbell

“Transportation is key. Our tourism sector won't reach its potential—$4 billion in revenue by 2024, a goal established by the Ivany Commission—if we can't get tourists to our province. We need more seats on more planes landing here, which will lead to more investment in accommodations and attractions. Let's get on with it.”

- Ian Thompson

“I've been lucky enough to live in this gorgeous part of the world for the past five years. Access to the area has always been one of the largest challenges. Having to travel a minimum of four-to-six hours by vehicle is often longer than the flight to my destination and makes for a long day of travelling. An airport would make connecting to this part of our island so much more convenient and affordable, allowing us to show it off to the world. This project has my full support and would be a massive win for the island.”

- James Bryce

“I have lived here for 54 years, my wife works at NSCC in Port Hawkesbury and we have 3 girls, 2 that just graduated from STFX and our youngest going to X in the fall, they all want to stay and live close by, raise a family, just like we did. My brother and I run a small construction company out of the Port Hood area, where we employ 6 people during peak season, we were excited to hear about a commercial airport in the Inverness area. We strongly feel that in order to grow our communities, we need infrastructure, sure our roads need repair, our hospitals need more doctors, our schools need more students, and in order for that to happen we need to grow, bring in more tax dollars, it's not rocket science, we see already the impact Cabot has brought us, not only work for people of all ages, we now have nice eating establishments throughout the county, new places for people to stay, beautiful new homes being built, our hardware stores busy and growing, so with that, we are hoping a new airport will happen it's time to grow the west side of Cape Breton.”

- Darryl MacDonald

“I remember when the mines closed in Inverness, there was almost no place in Inverness for people to apply for jobs except the hospital and school and small stores. The village was becoming like a ghost town. Many men with young families had no work. My husband provided jobs in the forestry to several men from the area. The golf courses have brought new life to Inverness and many surrounding places. I also worked with Dr. Jim in the operating room and I know how hard he worked to bring jobs to Inverness especially the tree nursery in Inverness. If we don't support this airport, the money will go elsewhere and we are the losers. I understand the need to fix many roads, make improvements in our health system, etc. We must realize that the funds designated for the airport will never be put forward for these needs. It would be of benefit to the county and all surrounding areas if the two airports could try to cooperate and make travel to the island easier for all visitors who will want to come to the most beautiful and welcoming island. Let us all show our appreciation for what we have going for us here!”

- Marie Campbell

“Tourism destinations are only as good as the access they can offer. Western Cape Breton is a tourism jewel, and we need to make it as easy as possible for people to visit. This project will launch the region into a whole new world when it comes to tourism.”

- Michele McKenzie, former Deputy Minister of the NS Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage, and the past President and CEO of the Canadian Tourism Commission


“I welcome the airport and the opportunities it will bring to this beautiful island.”

- Martha Campbell, Southwest Mabou, NS

“The Ivany Report cites increased Tourism as one of the cornerstones of building the economy of Nova Scotia. For an expanding Tourism economy, Ivany lists four ways to upgrade the industry : 1 - World class attractions 2 - Increased number of first time visitors 3 - Improved transportation 4 - More air service All of these conditions are applicable to an Inverness Airport. The biggest industry in Scotland is Golf Tourism. Let’s move forward and make Cape Breton a great golf tourist destination. An airport in Inverness will go a long way in achieving that goal.”

- Jim Ryan, Inverness, NS

“I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to find a full time job and retire. My job allowed me to work the western side of Cape Breton for 32 years. I witnessed the struggles that went along with being isolated. The last 10 years have turned our little town that was at times on life support, and it now has a strong pulse. The addition of an airport will help make the area a destination—place to visit and can not help but improve the future of our town and Island.”

- Neil MacEachern, Inverness, NS

“The airport will sustain what has been built and allow Cabot to expand.Both levels of government are seeing the tax base created for them by Cabot, why would they not support this endeavour! Time for Inverness county to also get on side, they stand to gain with an ever increasing tax roll.”

- Doug Ryan, Inverness, NS

“As a local business owner I worked away from my Family. Cabot opened windows for a lot of people across the county. There are major spinoffs from Cabot. Let’s get it Happening.”

- Cary MacLean, Inverness, NS

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

- Cecil MacDonald, Inverness, NS

“I fully support this initiative and believe that the improved accessibility will dramatically increase the number of visits to the Cape.”

- Cam Mingay

“They don’t call this place God’s country for nothing—let’s share it with the rest of the world”

- Bert Campbell

“Personally I think this is forward thinking, tourism is one of our biggest draws. So we need to get on board with this as it is going to help tremendously to improve access to the western side of the island. Like Adrian White's article said not everyone has a private jet to get there.”

-Kevin Heffernan

With the potential for increased economic growth, more employment opportunities, and the ability to showcase our special corner of the globe, I am in support the airport development in Inverness.

- Crystal Graham, Judique, NS

“I grew up in Inverness, Nova Scotia. I strongly support the construction of an airport in my home town. Being from western Cape Breton I know the struggle of not living close to a commercial airport. In my opinion by opening an airport in Inverness, it will benefit the entire Island of Cape Breton by bringing more tourism and traffic to local establishments all across the Island especially Cabot Cliffs, the best golf course in Canada. Growing up in Inverness, I have always had a passion for aviation. I'm currently an airline pilot for Air Canada and in my years of flying commercial airplanes around Canada and parts of the world, I see the economic impact that an airport has on smaller town's and area's, that are not easily accessed by driving. This is a huge opportunity and I am a strong supporter of an airport in western Cape Breton.”

- Robert MacDonald

I am a proud supporter of both Tourism and Cape Breton. Having studied Tourism and Hospitality Management, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to work and raise my daughter in Cape Breton, and certainly not the community where my family roots run deep. I have the privilege of greeting people from across the world with a warm Cape Breton welcome ever day and listening to their feedback after spending just a short amount of time in Inverness County. I am ecstatic about the potential of opening that experience up for many more people and allowing those who are already making the trip the ability to spend more time exploring the Island. In order to build on our authentic and incredible tourism experiences and offerings here in Cape Breton, we must stay competitive. When planning a trip, ease of access to a destination will have a direct effect on your decision to commit. I fully support Cape Breton, the growth of our Tourism Industry, and the airport that will open up the doors for so many people.

- Aileen MacDonald

“Having represented constituents of Cape Breton Island for 17 years, I know how invested we are in our collective success. The explosion in our tourism sector has been a source of immense pride for all Islanders, and we want nothing more than to see that success continue to grow.”

- Honourable Frank Corbett, E.C.N.S., former MLA, Cape Breton-Centre

Totally support this new airport. This airport will only help to grow this part of Cape Breton. It will help to make our island a major tourist destination. Cape Breton and particularly Inverness County is starting to prosper only hoping that more and more people support this growth.

-Linda MacMillan

The proposed airport in Inverness County surely looks like an exciting project; jobs, tax revenue and economic activity, to name a few potential benefits. This new airport is just one of a number of major projects in the Strait region; Container Terminal- Melford, Spaceport-Canso, LNG Plant-Goldboro, completion of Divided Highway-Pictou- Antigonish County. Let's all pull together for another fantastic piece of infrastructure, in the Strait Region!

- Bill MacFarlane, Councillor, County of Antigonish

“The positive spin offs since Cabot Links have open have been very evident in our communities. The injection of federal funding will have a domino effect. Our services, schools, local employers, and other potential opportunities will grow our county. Rural Canada suffers due to exodus of population. Here we have an opportunity to attract growth.”

- Geraldine Beaton, Mabou, NS

“Very supportive. Much needed and wanted.”

- Shell Brannigan

“I believe an airport on this side of the Island would not only benefits local tourism but it would bring Life Flight an hour closer to Chéticamp and surrounding areas. People going out west would not have that 2 or 4 hr drive. It’s a win win.”

- Stephen MacIsaac

“I spent nearly a decade thinking about little else but tourism in Cape Breton. I know this project will help tourism operators across Cape Breton Island and build on the momentum we have seen over the past few years.”

- Mary Tulle, former CEO, Destination Cape Breton, tourism consultant

“I have grown up in Cape Breton most of my life, and have been in the Tourism industry for the most of it and see the impact first hand what Cabot has brought to Our Island! I travel from Cheticamp about 50 minutes away every day, just to be a part of these exciting times here at Cabot. Inverness was dying, I saw it with my two eyes over the years as all three of my children were born in Inverness. On a cold day in January when a hockey practice or a game was on the go the Town Of Inverness came alive! Friendships and memories were made each trip. Everyone gathered at the rink in winter or the racetrack in Sumner, now, friendships are being made from all over the world! Golf has brought this little town alive again! The streets are full of guests or employees. All smiling and having conversations about their day or round of Golf! Tourism gives us all the opportunity for employment! Retired seniors, young local adults, students, and golf oriented individuals from all over come here to experience it all, and the airport will just enhance this industry! Why would anyone want to dispute the growth of our beautiful Island!? Let’s all work together to see this thrive. It’s all positive, especially with all the negativity in the world today! Let’s ALL grow together and see the importance of this airport and the spin-offs for all communities across our beautiful Island of Cape Breton! Let’s get this done and welcome the guests with our genuine Cape Breton hospitality and warm friendly smile!”

- Wendy Gallant

Having lived and worked on the beautiful island of Cape Breton my entire life, I want nothing more than to see it return to prosperity – and since the good ol’ days of coal and steel I think we’ve all learned that resting on our laurels doesn’t exactly make industry flourish. It’s well-past time we get serious about using our greatest asset – the island’s unmatched natural beauty – and the tourism that comes with it to spark our economy. The west-side of the island is picking-up momentum and drawing people in from all over the world – we need to remove any barriers that can slow that down. Getting here is a huge barrier. A new commercial airport in western Cape Breton means more visitors to the island and injections to the economy with more spending, real-estate interest, new businesses, and opportunities we can’t even foresee. Let’s get the shovel in the ground on this and move-on to the next project that will make this island the destination it can and should be.

- Matt Latimer

“As we struggle to correct the urban/rural economic imbalance across the Atlantic region, we must look at enhanced public infrastructure to support and foster private sector economic growth in rural areas. There is a very sound business case in support of new air service capacity to support tourism growth I Cape Breton.”

- Bob Mussett

“What an exciting time for Cape Breton! After 17 years of living away from home, I couldn’t be more blessed to be back where it all started. Cabot has given me the opportunity to have a great career doing something I love, and to be able to raise my family on the best Island in the world. My position also provides me the chance to work with, and help grow other local businesses and introduce the globe to all the other World-class experiences Cape Breton has to offer. This is just a start to providing a much needed economic boost and to help others have the same chance to stay or return home!”

- Greg Connell

“This idea is about so much more than Cabot - it’s about the future of Cape Breton. We are so proud of this place, and want to show it off to the world. Bringing more people to Cape Breton helps us all.”

- Andrew Alkenbrack, General Manager, Cabot

“Let's help more people see this beautiful part of our amazing country.”

- Marion Crane

“I believe the new airport will be beneficial to all of Cape Breton. Let's support it whole heartedly and watch our beautiful Island grow. We need people to come to Cape Breton if we want a sustainable future - young and old. Come and enjoy the beautiful masterpiece that Cape Breton has to offer. Welcome one and all.”

- Joseph MacIsaac

One common complaint you hear at various airports, if only we could fly to our destination.People want to get from point A to point B at the quickest and easiest route. Building the airport will boost the economy through various business startups. So it’s time to show off our Island.We have a lot to offer.

- Carol MacDonald

“As someone who works away and would love to move home, I believe this project must go forward. The days of western Cape Breton living off a resource based economy are dwindling or in some cases, they are over. If we want our communities to survive, tourism is one way to help that happen. To become a tourist destination, is not something that can be done halfway. It's time to go all in.”

- Heather Campbell

“I was born and raised in Cape Breton and have lived in Alberta for the past 31 years. I am retired now and plan on living half the year in Port Hood. The two Cabot courses, local music/ talent , scenery, tourism, warm ocean water, beaches and hospitality are now finally putting Cape Breton on the map. I fully support an airport in Inverness to bring in much needed infrastructure, employment, tax revenue, other related business spin offs that will benefit the MAJORITY. I hope common sense prevails and this becomes reality.”

- Kevin MacDonald

This new piece of essential infrastructure will further encourage visitors to explore our great island and visit with our great people.”

- Cameron MacQuarrie

From our Visitors


I am in full support of building a new airport in Inverness, Nova Scotia! My support for the airport is support for the people of Inverness. I think of all the jobs, all of the new opportunities for the young families of Inverness to stay and not leave, the opportunity to share and celebrate our arts culture, the civic improvements like road and water infrastructure that follow and the positive effect on the tax base. I can't think of a more timely investment to pair with the phenomenal beauty of Inverness and the excellence of the Cabot golf experience. Build it and they will come.

- Paul Hannon

“I never really thought much about visiting my father's homeland before I heard of Cabot Links, but once I did, I discovered so many other wonderful and beautiful places that this great island has to offer. A new airport in Cape Breton would allow many others to do the same thing and experience one of Canada's greatest gems in all its glory.”

- Evan Bonnar

“I had the pleasure to visit the area in this past week. It took a friend a long time to convince me it was worth the effort and indeed it was. The area is stunningly beautiful and the people I met were amazing. It was such a truly a special experience, however, a 3.5hr drive at the end of two flights or beginning of the journey, made for a testing journey. I am so glad our friends made the effort. However, I fear many more will decide not to unless the travel times can be tightened. Saw this article and decided to comment. Good luck and thank you Cape Breton.”

- Edwin Lucas

“As a global tourism executive with close to five decades of experience I recognize the potential that a new airport with commercial service has in generating significant incremental visitation. I’m confident that this initiative and destination marketing support will create new jobs, an expanded tax base and enhance the already strong tourism brand of this unique area.”

- Randy Garfield

“My wife and I have spent many holidays in the north and east of Cape Breton Island golfing and fishing, but it is a week’s commitment to justify the travel time from Toronto. If we could get there in two or three hours we would visit many more times on extended weekends, which are much easier to find the time for.”

- Michael Cruickshank

Excellent opportunity for growth and tourism. Let's support this great infrastructure.

- Sean Buckley

“I visit beautiful Cape Breton every summer to see family and enjoy the delights of the area. I would greatly appreciate a more convenient airport. This summer I have to drive to Halifax to pick up friends, a long and expensive side trip that shortens my time on the island. I would visit even more often if there was a better way to access the western island.”

- Valerie Bryce, Dundas, ON

“As a home owner from out of province, I support the need for a private airport for a Cape Breton. I believe this would help build access to the area and expose its awesome features to a larger base of potential visitors. It’s an incredible destination for a number of leisure activities and the airport would bring more out of province and country customers to the region.

- Dan Walshe

“Tourism is an anchor industry in Cape Breton, and we have to support it. Visitors from around the world are clamouring to spend time here, and this will make that easier and more convenient. We are on the cusp of something special – let’s make it happen.”

- Frank McKenna, former Premier of New Brunswick, Deputy Chair, TD Bank Group, Chair, Advisory Council on Jobs and the Visitor Economy

“It is not difficult to be supportive of a proposal that would provide easy, convenient access to one of the world’s most beautiful areas. Today's tourists, especially high end travellers, expect convenient service with the net result being revenue and jobs. Nova Scotians should never reject change and progress.”

- John Oliver

“I totally support more general aviation friendly airports in Nova Scotia. The evidence-based benefits of these types of airports are numerous, well documented, and exciting.”

- Trevor Bradley, Halifax, NS

“Cape Breton is a true Canadian treasure that everyone should see! Each trip brings great experiences, new fond memories and new friends. You can’t possibly visit Cape Breton without leaving with a deeper appreciation of Canada. Make the trip and this airport will help with the travel to this breathtaking destination.”

- Jane Moore

“Cape Breton is an extraordinarily beautiful, unique environment that is a joy to experience. A dedicated airport will make it so much more accessible for that enjoyment.”

- Joseph Andriole

Do it! Be bold. The positive economic impact is obvious and there for the benefit of the local communities.

- Sonya Fraser

Building a new airport is another move forward to boost the economy of Cape Breton.

- PG Gillis

"If you build it they will come. A no brainer here!”

- Brian Gaum

“We have the leadership. Go for it, we all benefit.”

- John D. MacNeil

Love the place, hate how hard it is to get to. Would visit more often with easier access.

- Greg Anderson, King City, ON

“You have opened your community to me a number of times. It is magical in both scenery and spirit. The world needs more Cape Breton and I hope you will embrace the airport.”

- Stu Kedwell

“Just a note to add our support to the many others hoping for good news on the green light to build an airport on Cape Breton. This isolated treasure deserves more convenient access, not only for Cabot golf, but for the many other wonderful destinations. Let's do it!”

- Derek and Margo Ridout

“I’m working on two projects in CBI and the only real challenge I see to exposure, new employment and meaningful value to the area is access.”

- Garfield Carter

“I've fallen in love with the people and the golf in Cape Breton. I look forward to many more trips with my friends and family.”

- Jamie Trenholme

“Oh Canada... what a remarkable country with so many different cultures, people, sights and experiences. I have had the pleasure of travelling extensively across Canada and Cape Breton is a hidden treat. At times I wish it was more accessible especially to those not as fortunate as myself. The proposed airport would bring Cape Breton to the world and in turn provide much needed investment to the region. I look forward to seeing this project move forward.”

- Rohan Dixon

“I saw Cabot transform western Cape Breton from the beginning. It’s been an amazing success story, but it’s far from over. This is the next step in establishing the region as a tourist mecca for decades to come.”

- Honourable Darrell Dexter, former Premier of Nova Scotia

“The success of tourism as a major factor in the economy of all of Cape Breton would be benefited by an airport.”

- Sandra Furber

Cape Breton has been our summer home ever since my parents met in Baddeck while working summer jobs in the 1950’s. We spent many summer days enjoying the beaches in Margaree and Mabou on the western side of the island. It has been wonderful to see the increase in tourism that has been created by Cabot Links. The economic spinoff is undeniable. From a tourism perspective I do not think I am exaggerating that the development of Cabot has been the greatest event in Cape Breton since the flight of the Silver Dart. As a next step we need to see tourists extend their visit to other parts of the island. A new airport with direct flights from major east coast cities will allow visitors more time to explore other parts of the island. Presently people go to extreme lengths to visit Cape Breton and Cabot. The interest is there. The time is now to capitalize on the momentum and build a new airport.

- Reid Blynn, Philadelphia, PA

“I am a Cape Bretoner. Enjoy going home. Beautiful island, great people and culture. Fly in for the lobster, stay for the incredible scenery, the cliffs, beaches that stretch for miles. Dance a jig, drink a pint and join in on the summer concerts.”

- Lucy Embree

“If you build it, they will come, great opportunity for continuing growth on the western part of the Island.”

- David Mitchell


“I do play golf and I do have a summer home in Baddeck and my mother’s family is from Mabou and my fathers family is from Strathlorne so we have every reason to love Cape Breton. We tell our friends about how great Cape Breton is but when they hear of the commute they pass on coming to visit us. If there was a choice of an hour and ten minute flight from Boston to Inverness versus a three hour drive to Cape Cod I am very sure that a lot of tourists other than golfers would come to Cape Breton.”

- Jamie Fagan


“No brainer!”

- Shelly Hinkley

“I visit Cape Breton twice a year from Toronto. While I love the drive. I would love to Fly. Inverness is a great location close to skyline and other attractions. I am in support of an airport in Inverness!”

- Robin Urie

“Cabot Links/Cabot Cliffs is a “world class” links course. With an airport nearby, the club will attract the PGA/LPGA year after year. This in turn will generate the construction of future work class accommodation for the area.”

- Brian Eady


“A local commercial/private airport will greatly enhance the local economy and lifestyle within Inverness County. Although some local citizens are hesitant since scarce funding is needed to improve other higher priority services/infrastructure instead. I truly believe some of the economic benefits this new airport will spawn, will result in financially supporting other locally debated needs including improved roads, day care, community swimming pools, etc. We’ll likely see more land purchased and homes built, which will directly result into increased property tax revenue that will help justify funding in all other areas of concern.

Change is difficult at best of times. But better access to and from this region, whether for tourism or goods and services, can only create an economic domino effect that will pave the way for a much stronger economy/lifestyle, and brighter future for all citizens and stake holders within western Cape Breton.”

- Ihor Macijiwsky

“Please allow more people to enjoy western Cape Breton. I am in full support of the initiative to open this beautiful part of the world to more people. A new airport will surely allow more people to enjoy.”

- Marty Hackle

My brother lives in Inverness and his work in the tourism industry is dependent on the accessibility of the island. We have visited him and toured Cape Breton several times and are incredibly impressed with the beauty and cultural uniqueness of the island. It would be our go-to summer vacation destination as a family, but coming from Ontario, it simply not as convenient as Halifax and New Brunswick destinations because of the lack of airport. The international group that lives and works with my brother would also benefit from more accessibility -- it's difficult to retain Canadian and international staff when the closest airport is three hours away. This is a project whose time is come!

- Erin Tigchelaar


“My family has been enjoying Cape Breton and particularly Cabot Links since it opened. An airport with better proximity to the resort would increase the time we and our friends spend in the region without question. If you want to continue differentiating Cabot from other world class golf destinations, there could be no better manner then to introduce a conveniently accessible airport.”

- Eric Tripp

“An airport on that side of the island is due. Cabot Links and the Cabot Trail are world class destinations. And the rest of Cape Breton, it’s people, and its culture are the best supporting actors you could ask for. There are many, many, more people in the world (even in our country) that could be made much happier with a visit to Cape Breton added to their travel experiences - most don't consider it a destination because it's so far away. And the hours of driving needed to get to the heart of it for those who decide to go is often one of the memories that they keep, which would be unnecessary if there was an airport on that side of the island. I often hear it was such a beautiful place... but it was a lot of driving!”

- Craig MacAdam

“Given that Cabot is a world class golf facility and the development is recognized around the world, the airlift and travel experience to Cabot also has to be equal to the resort’s profile. Direct airlift is required to keep the present momentum and create further growth, guests of this caliber of resort expect direct airlift (other competing resorts in the world mostly have it). I grew up in Nova Scotia, and the drive both ways from Halifax airport for a short 3 day golf trip is too long in my view. Direct airlift from key feeder markets is a proven formula to grow tourism.”

- David Thomas

“Cape Breton is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. This airport will bring people to the Cape who otherwise may have never had the opportunity to share in the physical beauty and wonderfulness of the people.”

- Ron Krater

I recently visited this beautiful place from Kingston, ON. The only single negative from the entire 4 days we spent on this vacation, was having to drive 3.5 hours each way from the airport in Halifax to Inverness.

- Neil Garrison

“Since becoming familiar with the hidden gem that is Cape Breton, we are thrilled to see more dollars being put forth to expand the tourist industry. A new airport in that area will have a positive impact for a greater cross section of business owners and their clients.”

- Shelley Alkenbrack


“Canada has some great tourist areas with limited accessibility. Time for Western Cape Breton to get an airport that can handle big planes.”

- John Bitove

“Although I now live in Ottawa, Cape Breton is home! An airport to this beautiful island is a fantastic idea.”

- Janice Jamieson

“I've never been to Cape Breton, in large part because it's something of a chore to reach your glorious shores. But, wow, would I ever love to go and this sounds like it'll make the journey so much easier.”

- Charlie Scott, Toronto, ON

“If you build it they will come.”

- Michael Kogon

I think it would be awesome.

- Jack Cowan-Dewar

The growth in western Cape Breton has been remarkable and so positive for the entire island and the province. The effort to open doors therefore must be continued so the world can beat a path to our little part of the world.

- Wayne Fiander


Cape Breton is a Canadian Treasure. I have shared my love and appreciation of the visible beauty, people, and culture with many. Making it easier to access will only draw more international visitors and talent to the region.

-Michelle Cowan


Originally grew up in Cape Breton and worked in tourism during university. Living in Ottawa, the Island has tons to offer visitors, but is still seen by some as a long way to get to. A new airport, even with seasonal service, located near the trail, golf and everything the island has to offer to visitors is just what is needed to inject new energy into the local economy.

- Blair MacPherson

Providing an easier way for visitors to get to this amazing location makes perfect sense. It's human nature to take the easiest route so why not make it as easy as possible so everyone can experience this hidden gem.

- Lisa Schneider


“Game Changer" are the words that come to mind when I read that there is the possibility of an airport in Inverness that could accommodate commercial flights from Boston. Golfers seem to go to any length to get to a world class golf course which Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs undoubtedly are and it is clear that the golfers are coming but this is not about golf and it is not about supporting Inverness or tourist destinations such as Baddeck. This offers up an opportunity for all of Cape Breton to thrive. There is no question that this will increase tourism dollars which means for better schools, better roads and better hospitals to attract and retain young families who are the lifeblood of Cape Breton's communities. Easy flights are the key to success for tourist destinations and building this airport will be a ''Game Changer."

- Jamie Fagan

I support the project. An airport would definitely result in my family and I visiting the region.

- Lawrence Cannon