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As you may have seen, the Federal Government is seeking more information and we have been encouraged to work with municipalities and other parties on a revised proposal.

Our commitment and passion for our island is unwavering. The tourism potential on our Western Shore is just scratching the surface, and by letting it grow we will be creating opportunity for the people, families, and businesses of Cape Breton. We will continue to build our tourism cluster and continue to work with partners. We will continue to welcome the world and find more ways to allow more visitors experience Cape Breton.

Thank you.

More Visitors
to Cape Breton
Benefits Us All


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A new airport means major airlines landing in western Cape Breton for the first time.

It means the chance to show off our truly special region to the world.



The airport is expected to create more than 600 jobs, direct and related.



A commercial airport will attract an estimated $2.58 million in visitor spending the first year.



The project is supported by hundreds of Cape Bretoners just like you. Show your support today.



Quicker travel to Cape Breton means more time to spend here.

Cape Breton is leading Atlantic Canada in terms of tourism activity. As global air travel expands, Canada’s tourism opportunity will come from air travellers. The airport will be a tool for promoting and attracting business, in tourism and beyond.

In Inverness County, 24% of the labour force works in retail trade, accommodation, and food service sectors, all of which will grow with the airport development.


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The airport is expected to create more than 600 jobs direct and related.


A commercial airport will attract an estimated $2.58m in visitor spending in the first year.

More visitors to Cape Breton means over $6 million in tax revenue.

More visitors to Cape Breton benefits everyone.


Messages of Support

“It is not often Cape Breton has access to $18 million in new government infrastructure funding that could make a significant difference in our island's economic future. Let's embrace another airport in Inverness and move forward with this great opportunity to further showcase our island to the global tourism marketplace.”

Adrian White
Retired CEO, Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce

“Bringing more tourists to Canada from around the world is critical if Canada’s trade diversification efforts are to be a success. Trade enabling infrastructure, such as a new airport in Cape Breton, will not only be a significant boost for the tourism industry, but will have a wider economic impact by creating good local jobs and supporting the growth of the region.”

- Goldy Hyder, President & CEO, Business Council of Canada

“Over the past 10 years, western Cape Breton has been transformed. Now, we draw the attention of the world! This place is my home, and I know that making it easier for people to visit will only build on the amazing work that has already been done.”

- Honourable Rodney MacDonald, E.C.N.S., Premier of Nova Scotia 2006-09 / CEO of The Gaelic College

“Cape Breton can not expect to survive if we continue to hemorrhage people from our communities like we have for generations. Tourism has helped stop out migration, and build momentum in our economic recovery. We must do anything we can to give our tourism sector the tools it needs to continue to grow.”

- Kody Fraser, Mabou, NS

I love visiting Cape Breton now for golf and general tourism, but the proposed new airport would make it possible for me to visit more often as well as to introduce more friends to the beauty of the area. More power to those who are working hard to achieve this.

- Dr. Norman Keevil, Vancouver, BC

“It makes total sense to have an airport in Inverness. The last 10 years have been game-changers; development and new businesses like Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs, Route 19 Brewing, the expansion of Glendora Distillery, new homes, and renewed hope.

The entire island would benefit greatly from having commercial flights bringing tourists and business people right in to the heart of Cape Breton. The regions of Inverness County, the Margaree Valley, Cheticamp, Ingonish, Baddeck, Mabou, Port Hood, and beyond, have become a destination, and the single biggest complaint is how difficult it is to access it.

A few years back, we realized a lifelong dream of owning a home on the sunset side of Cape Breton. We were excited and thrilled that Cabot Links was the catalyst, as increased tourism and development is now at an all time high. This gorgeous, special island has now been recognized to be a top tourist destination by Travel & Leisure magazine.

Let’s get this done and build on the momentum. The time is right. As my father, from the village of Grand Etang, near Cheticamp, used to say, ‘the sky is the limit’. “

A rising tide lifts all ships.

-Dr. Ken & Denise Wilson

“We've seen the dramatic impact a tourism cluster can have on a community, region, and province. It lifts us all and provides a sense of resilience, spirit, and economic vitality. The airport project in Cape Breton will undoubtedly contribute to all those things for western Cape Breton. I look forward to seeing its impact.”

- Zita Cobb, Founder and CEO, Shorefast and Fogo Island Inn

“Cape Breton is extraordinarily beautiful—a jewel in the Canadian crown. The only thing wrong with it is the long drive from Halifax, which consumes half a day each way. A new airport will make Cape Breton an even more compelling destination for visitors from across Canada and around the world, bringing new growth and opportunity to the area. Let's get it built now.”

- Robert Prichard

“The proposed airport in Inverness County surely looks like an exciting project; jobs, tax revenue and economic activity, to name a few potential benefits. This new airport is just one of a number of major projects in the Strait region; Container Terminal- Melford, Spaceport-Canso, LNG Plant-Goldboro, completion of Divided Highway-Pictou- Antigonish County. Let's all pull together for another fantastic piece of infrastructure, in the Strait Region!”

- Councillor Bill MacFarlane, County of Antigonish

“Totally support this new airport. This airport will only help to grow this part of Cape Breton. It will help to make our island a major tourist destination. Cape Breton, and particularly Inverness County, is starting to prosper, only hoping that more and more people support this growth.”

- Linda MacMillan

“I recently visited this beautiful place from Kingston, ON. The only single negative from the entire 4 days we spent on this vacation, was having to drive 3.5 hours each way from the airport in Halifax to Inverness.”

- Neil Garrison, Kingston, ON

The community value of inbound tourism is immense. Your extensive, ongoing efforts to positively change the trajectory of the Cape Breton economy by making it more accessible is terrific. I hope the decision makers can grasp the opportunity.”

- Gordon Dalgleish

“As a Cape Breton native, I know how irresistible our Island is. I also know that sometimes it’s been hard to tell that story to the world. When you can bring the world right to your shores, that story becomes a lot easier to tell.”

- Annette Verschuren, O.C., Companion Canadian Business Hall of Fame, Chair and CEO of NRStor Inc.

“Over the past 10 years, I have watched the Inverness area grow from very few jobs available and small businesses closing to new businesses opening and more jobs available than local employees to fill them all. I am in support of any opportunity to grow Tourism and build Cape Breton further.”

- Perry Chandler

“The growth in western Cape Breton has been remarkable and so positive for the entire island and the province. The effort to open doors therefore must be continued so the world can beat a path to our little part of the world.”

- Wayne Fiander

“A Cape Breton Island Airport would be an absolute game changer for so much more than people realize. I had never stepped foot on Cape Breton Island until Cabot Links was built and now I return multiple times per year because of the courses. Unfortunately, because of the distance needed to travel I really haven't done much else or had the time to spend money elsewhere while on the island because I'm wasting three hours or more just racing to and from an airport. Would love the opportunity to use those driving hours where you barely even stop to get gas to explore more of the island and visit nearby communities for a meal or a tourist attraction without having to extend a 3-4 day trip.”

- Jeff Dykeman


“Improved access to this beautiful part of the world will enable Cape Breton to welcome more discerning travellers and create lifetime opportunities for those serving their needs. From the Kingdom of Bhutan to the plains of the Serengeti new airports have enabled limited access to more remote destinations and in the process becoming they become full participants in the business of global tourism The primary benefit of which is creating careers and economic opportunities in geographically disperse locations.”

- Simon Cooper

“A truly beautiful place and one of my favourite destinations that direct access would allow more to enjoy.”

- Minto Schneider


“It is my understanding that the government is considering building an airport near Inverness Cape Breton. The airport will support the east side of the island, as well as the new golf courses Cabot Links and Cliffs. I had never been to Cape Breton until the building of these golf courses, and I have come to see the beauty and unique people of this great part of Nova Scotia, and Canada. I have been 3 times. From my perspective, I hope the proposed airport will be built, and if so, I see myself coming to Cape Breton and Cabot, a couple of times a year.”

- Clive Caldwell, CEO Cambridge Group of Clubs, Toronto, ON


"I support the airport and what you are doing!”

- Burton MacDonald, Malignant Cove, Antigonish County, NS


Who We Are

We are a group of individuals and businesses who have come together to ensure Cape Breton is positioned to lead as a global tourism destination. Together, we are focused on building Cape Breton and creating opportunities for the entire Island.

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